Welcome to JAPISoft SARL

JAPISoft SARL is a company specialized in Java, XML, Web and Mobile technologies. We are focused on delivering professional-quality software products and technologies at a fair price.
JAPISoft SARL was formed in 2004 and has grown rapidly along with the XML sofwatre industry. The company's first software product, EditiX, is a major desktop XML Editor. EditiX was introduced to the market in June 2004 and was met with great enthusiasm.
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Date Product Description
02/01/17 EditiX XML Editor 2017 A major release including a new W3C Schema Editor.
02/01/16 EditiX XML Editor 2016 A major release with a new JSON editor, a new XML Diff interface and a lot of content assistant improvements.
09/11/15 Email Marketing Software
UniMailer 3.0
A major release adding SSL/TLS support, image embedded, a new interface...
01/02/15 EditiX XML Editor 2015 A major release with a new interface look, support for JavaScript, HTML 5 and much more
09/26/14 New JavaScript Book JavaScript, Modular Programming
07/04/14 EditiX XML Editor 2014 Service Pack 1 A minor release improving schema inference
09/12/13 Email Marketing Software UniMailer 2.3.1 This release adds a new HTML preview and HTML Editor, it fixes various bugs too
08/23/13 New JavaScript Book Our new book for beginning JavaScript (available only in french)
07/26/13 Web Toolkit Online This is a set of online tools for web developers.
06/21/13 EditiX XML Editor 2013 SP1 A minor release with bugs fixing and some UI improvements
05/31/13 JSignature JavaScript API for adding a signature pad inside HTML forms
05/13/13 New JavaScript Book (in french) Our new JavaScript book for advanced usage is now published
01/02/13 EditiX XML Editor 2013 A new major release of EditiX XML Editor [video]
06/14/12 Loan Simulator 2.0 A nice simulator for loan on IPhone
06/10/12 Musical Notes 2.2 Learn Musical Reading on your Iphone
02/01/12 Editix XML Editor 2012 A Major release including an application descriptor editor...
06/30/11 Editix XML Editor 2011 Service Pack 1 A minor release fixing formatting and improving the grid filter
05/22/10 EditiX XML Editor 2010 Service Pack 1 A minor release improving theXSLT editor and the GUI
01/13/10 EditiX XML Editor 2010 A Major release including an XML Form editor.
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