JAPISoft Guideline for Support

The goal of this document is to provide details about how we manage the support.

For Source license :

We advise you to check and so compile each sent source inside your environment (eclipse, netbeans, ...). Create for instance a new project, copy the product sources and compile it. We advise you to work with this version rather than with a full sent binary, thus you will be able to install a patch easily.

You detect a problem :

1. Send us all the information required for helping us to reproduce it :

  • Your OS, Java version
  • A code sample
  • All external data (XML file...)

2. We test inside our environment (we cannot adapt completly except for the Java version) , we

decide to send you a patch if the problem can be reproduced. If it cannot, we try to

propose an alternative solution or a new code sample you must try.

3. You confirm it fixes or not using our patch.

A patch is :

1. A set of java classes (binary or source depending on your license)

2. You install the patch by putting it in priority (before) inside your classpath order.

3. You can create/update a jar too if it is required for your production environment.

The final step :

When the problem is fixed, we include the patch inside the next release. You receive this release in the normal support activity. This release fixes your problems. The delay between the current release and the next one depends on the amont of fixed element. A minor release may include only fixing problems, a major release includes too various new features.

We don't release our product for each reported problem !

Thank you for your cooperation.